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philosophy, city maps and the desire for liberty!

"all in one on a fresh and cosy toilet paper - especially for you!"

"decorate your thoughts and glorify your walls with a piece of contemporary history - made in the suburbs of vienna!

"cause life is too short for closed doors and lost adventures!- stop tying to reach the stars if it is not possible!- start dreaming cause dreams can become true, and thoughts are able to take off and fly - if you want them to. 

So, take the possibility to walk out - even if it is only on a fresh and cosy toilet paper!-

If  harsh reality and serious circumstances say no to "liberty out of your own walls",  try to find your luck with wienpappe!

I am sure Wienpappe will  allow you to explore and enjoy the city of vienna in an own way!


kommt wir schnarchen in den tag hinein
mein horizont ist sternenlos
in gedanken lungere ich im wald herum
apapier 23.jpg

Oh finally you can buy ...


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