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click, collect and order im katalog der aktuellen ergebenheiten

pandemische schneuzerl

For the current reason the zeittraffik writes out the possibility to enrich yourself with affordable and lasting artworks made by the zeittraffik itself -oh yeah!

Take the time as it is and pamper yourself with an artistic memory of  time ...

... cause you can`t ignore the time, you can`t erase the present, you can`t kick out the garment of happenings out of your sight, out of your mind. No way! You will always step above something that reminds you of the time and its signs.


As the present time isn`t nice and cosy, the only possibility you should have is to make the best out of it - so click and collect your luck and equip yourself with a piece of everyday history!

Be ready for "the pandemische schneuzerl"! Only while supplies last you can pamper yourself with the hitty, witty papers.

So, throw away your good old tissue, burn up your snotty handkerchiefs ... and enjoy  the affordable pandemische schneuzerl!

schussfrei in die ferne
ich verstreiche dich auf meinem brot


*pandemische schneuzerl

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